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Vote Forghul for Glutton!

This is OOC, but I can’t post in the forum tab on this campaign:

This is my argument why Forghul should have the shard of gluttony. First of all, this is what it does:
+2 vs Necromancy insight bonus
Vampiric Touch once per day
+1hp per hit die
Pink Rhomboid (Ioun Stone) +2 Con
Fluff reasons: My character is the epitome of gluttonous; he is obese and power hungry, he intentionally bloats himself with all the blood his body can produce, and he consumes other’s to replenish his strength.

My bloodline is Undead, and I’ve taken 2 feats based on the Necromancy school, so I don’t understand why in game, my character wouldn’t be allowed this item, when he’s the one who best understands it and can use it.

Rules Wise: The biggest reason to NOT let me have it is because I won’t benefit from the ion stone’s +2 Con. So for another character, this gives them +1 Fort, and +1 HP per hit die, which right now is 8.

However, I feel these reasons why I should get it out way that:

Vampiric Touch, it’s per/day ability is a spell that is already a part of my character’s strategy, and my other spells/feats/items are designed to compliment it.

I still receive the +1 HP per hit die. While this will be one half of what a living character receives from the shard because of the ion stone of +2 Con, HP is my character’s only defense. I don’t have well balanced saves, I don’t have high AC, or damage reduction. I have spells and HP, that’s it. So I’d argue that the ½ HP is more valuable for my character than the full hp is for anyone else in our group besides maybe Tiefling, because he’s always dying. Straight HP is also one of the few ways I can get more! Any of you can simply buy a belt of +Con for hp, I can’t do that. Also keep in mind that HP is important to me because A) I’m the hardest in our group to heal, basically have to do it myself, so I need to make sure I have enough to live through and B) if I drop to 0, I’m instantly destroyed

+2 vs Necromancy: Sure, I’m immune to the spells in necromancy that require a Fort save, but I’m not immune to the spells that specifically target Undead, like you guys are. Command Undead isn’t that far away, and they already have access to other almost as powerful anti-undead spells. The campaign just turned us undead, do you really think the next book isn’t going to have answers for that? Also… I’m spell focus necromancy, it’s so thematic! – but that’s back to the fluff thing.

So all those reasons are why I think Forghul is the best candidate for the item both flavor and rules wise. It seems so obvious to me. If its such a big deal that the +2 con is wasted, then take out the stone and just give me the raw shard. I’ll be gluttonous, that’s fine… because its already a part of my character, that’s how well this shard fits him.

Let me know what you guys think, if you feel there’s something I’m missing, or I’m incorrectly representing an argument, express your opinions


Aren’t we protecting these shards from falling into the wrong hands? People who would indulge the sins associated with them? Aren’t we keeping them to protect people from Gluttony, Warth, Greed? All the more reason to keep it from you.

Roleplay wise. We met you in a dungeon and you look like a monster. It might have been more believable for me if Sheila had recommended us to you but so far we have seen you drink blood and cripple people with magic. Would you trust someone like that with your grand quest item after only knowing them for a few days?

Rules wise, this thing gives Conrad 16 hp + 4d6 more for 8 hours if I am able to cast Vamp Touch on a lesser minion during the start of a dungeon. Our last fight we finished it with me at 1 hp left. AND Garrett wasn’t using the monsters rules properly. If I died, it most assuredly would have been a TPK unless Garrett just waved his hand and magically killed the boss for us.

The +1 Fort and +2 vs Necromancy can be applied to everyone’s saves once per day for area effects with my Unity ability. Necromancy spells like Circle of Death still effect us. With Unity everyone has a +11 fort save vs it.

Conrads abilities help everyone stay alive. If we want to TPK and have the shards fall into the hands of the sinful then I am all for giving it to Forghul. We are not just going to go give wrath to the most wrathful person we meet. We are hero protectors, or at least that’s what my character is. Having lived in Cheliax he is probably fed up with the corruption of power and would never give someone who wishes to indulge themselves in such sins more power to do so.

Vote Forghul for Glutton!

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