Pyromaniac Gnome Druid


Name: Benson Curiol Neji Bimflick
Age: 75
Height: 3ft 5in
Weight: 39lbs
Languages: Common, Gnome, Sylvan, Infernal

Alignment: NN
Race: Gnome (Pyromaniac)
Class: Druid (Menhir Savant)
Domains: Fire (Arson)

AC: 19 Touch: 13 Flat-footed: 17
(+1 Size, +4vs Giants)
Initiative: 4
HP: 11
BAB: 0
Str: 14 +2
Dex: 14 +2
Con: 14 +2
Int: 8 -1
Wis: 17 +3
Cha: 12 +1

Fort: 4
Ref: 2
Will: 5

Exciteable (Gnome) +2 init
Exchange Agent (Cheliax, Linguistics, Infernal)

Elemental Focus (Fire)

Class Skills:
Climb (Str)
Craft Alchemy (Int) 1R+3-1+2 Obsessive=5
Fly (Dex)
Handle Animal (Cha)
Heal (Wis)
Knowledge (geography) (Int)
Knowledge (nature) (Int) 1R+3-1=3
Linguistics (Int) 1 Trait
Perception (Wis) 1R
3+3+2 Keen Senses=9
Profession (Wis)
Ride (Dex)
Spellcraft (Int)
Survival (Wis)
Swim (Str)

1/day—dancing lights, flare, prestidigitation,
produce flame

0-3: Detect Magic, Spark, Stabilize
1-2: Cure Light, Shillelagh, +1D Burning Hands (Ref 15)


Hide 4/4 -3acp 25lbs
Shield, Heavy Wooden +2 -2acp 10lbs

Club 1d4 x2 10ft 3lbs B
Dagger 1d3 19-20×2 10ft 1lb P or S
Sling 1d3 x2 50ft B
20-Bullet(s), sling 5lbs(per 10)
3-Alchemist Fire 10ft 1lb(3)

Tools, Artisan’s, masterwork 5lbs

Carrying Capacity:
Current 52
Light 58 or less
Medium 59-116
Heavy 117-175


Benson grew up amoungst the druids in the Barrowood of Cheliax. Fire was his
calling and he answered it excitably. Being ever eager to tap into the powerful
ley lines of the land got him into trouble with the enclave when he set some
of his companions homes ablaze. They asked Benson to leave until he was mature
enough to control the fires of the world.

Leaving Barrowood he traveled to Westcrown and immidiatly fell in with the
Pathfinders there. The lust for knowledge in their group struck a strong cord
with Benson and he wished nothing more then to aid them in the search for knowledge.
Though he was uncomfortable with the many Infernal pacts, he tried not to
distinguish himself as a troublemaker in the eyes of the Hellknights.
The librarys and rows of aged books were thrilling to him, but one day he gazed
upon a very old dead tree standing in the cortyard. The crisp sunlight and wind
caressing it, asking him sweetly to be returned to the earth. Again he found
the temptation of fire too strong and ‘allegidly’ set the tree on fire and
nearly burned down the Pathfinder library.

And so he was sent to Magnimar…


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