History, The Society, and Family


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Traven was the illegitimate child of a Magnarian noble and his elven courtier. Though the young noble was yet unmarried, his family would never approve of their betrothal. So he kept them both secret.

The child and his mother were allowed to stay in the manor, and were provided for in every way (including education for the young boy). He quickly excelled at many subjects, grasping complex ideas and displaying wisdom well beyond his age’s norm. Although their parents were not together, Traven had an extremely fantastic childhood, full of laughter, learning, and luxury.

At age 9, it all ended though when his father proposed to a woman from another noble family, and decided that in order to protect the bond he would have to send both Traven and his mother away. In exchange for her silence, he gave her a respectable sum of gold to start their new life with.
Deciding to head towards her only family, they set off for Nirmathas. Boarding one of the many river vessels that ran through Magnimar, they were set to arrive within the month, and although he was sad to be leaving his home Traven was full of curiosity and excitement.

About a week into the voyage however, the ship was attacked by bandits. The crew quickly falling to their merciless blades, Traven’s mother fastened him to a small wooden chair and lowered him over board to be taken with the current. Her tearful face leaning over the side of the boat was both the last thing he saw before passing out to the raging waters and the last time he saw her.

When Traven awoke he found himself washed up onto the shore of the river. In shock and nearly hypothermic, he slowly crawled for the tree line. Suddenly greeted by an unknown voice, Traven looked up. There before him stood the most magnificent creature he had ever seen; a lion with a woman’s head and an eagle’s wings. Before he had the chance to respond however, she spoke again. “Answer my riddle child, or I will eat you.” Her charming smile did not detract from the seriousness of her tone. Traven silently nodded his understanding and she continued, “If you have me, you want to share me. If you share me, you don’t have me. What am I?” The sphinx smiled at the simplicity of her riddle. Then remembered that the child was young and probably wouldn’t solve it regardless. This made her smile even more.

After only a moment, Traven answered, “River”. Alandorastia (for that was the creature’s name) laughed and leapt gleefully down from the branch on which she perched. “No my child, I am sorry. The answer was ‘A Secret’. Now I fear, you must pay the price of ignorance. You must be eaten.”

“But you cannot eat me!” Traven quickly responded, stepping backwards.

“And why is that? I told you the rules of our game, and you lost. I would love to let you go, but I must play by the rules.” She grinned malevolently at this, slowly circling the helpless child, ready to make a meal out of him.

“’Answer my riddle child, or I will eat you’,” he responded,” that is what you said. And I did answer, therefore you cannot eat me.” She stopped in her tracks, a look of befuddlement upon her catlike face. “… you never said I had to answer it correctly.” Traven continued slowly, hoping that an opportunity to escape might come along.

They stood there, eyes locked for several moments before Alandorastia spoke. “You’re right. You’re.. right.” Her cruel bestial grin was now replaced by one of joy and warmth. “You are absolutely right my child. Now come, walk with me. I will not harm you, for you have won.” Hesitantly, Traven followed the strange creature into the unknown.

The two walked and talked for a long time that day, and she grew fonder and fonder of the child every hour. It was the start of a long and loving relationship between the two. Alandorastia adopted Traven, teaching him her wisdom and educating him on the ways of the world. Traven in return provided her with company and affection.

Of particular importance to his life’s story, she taught him the arcane art of conjuration. He quickly mastered the simple spells and even managed to conjure and fuse himself with a powerful outsider. Though only a temporary transformation, he vastly enjoyed the physical attributes of his bonded form and devoted much of his time to mastering the art (eventually manipulating the appearance of his eidolon to look like a sphinx, to which Alandorastia found very amusing.)

The pair lived together as a family for many years, but eventually Alandorastia’s fickle sphinx nature took hold and she started to long for change. So, on Traven’s next birthday, his 27th, she told him that she was leaving and that he was to go off to make his own life. Naturally, he was sad at first, but she not only reassured him that they would meet again but she also gave him a special gift. She presented to him a small puzzle box covered in strange markings. It twisted and turned in her hand as she manipulated the pieces of the cube with her finger like paws. While doing so she explained, “This is a mystical artifact that I came across a long time ago and within it lies great power. It is said that anyone who unlocks its secret will have the ability to change the world in drastic ways. I want you to have it.” She handed it to him, and he quickly started toying with it. To his shock and slight disappointment, he quickly solved the puzzle and revealed a small compartment within it.

“ I’ve solved it?” he asked, unsure.

“No, that is a decoy secret; put within the box to fool seekers of its power. You must continue to study and expand your mind in order to solve its mystery.” Traven took the box back and mulled it over for a second before setting it down.

After their farewell, he watched her fly until she was just a spec on the horizon. Once he could no longer see her, he gathered his things. He knew that his best chance at finding clues about the cube was with the Pathfinder Society. Alandorastia had told him many stories involving them and always spoke highly of their abilities. Therefor his first destination was obvious. He was off to the city Magnimar, city of monuments. Where history, The Society, and his family converged.


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