Shattered Star

The Pathfinders Set Out

In the company of Fizzwright the armored gnome, wary Traven, Firelda the blaze and my good friend Lemon the brash, we waited eagerly to meet with Sheila Heidmarch. Upon arrival we found her prior meeting still taking place and she asked us to solve a Thassilon puzzle which Corah Azmorren (Sheilas halfling company) had retrieved. Lemon effortlessly disarmed the hidden trap in the box and opened it to find it empty.

Sheila told us she called the meeting to have us retrieve a missing colleague and artifact. Natalia Van Caskerskin had gone missing while undercover as a Tower Girl.

Natalias ‘in’ to the Tower Girls group and the Sczarni was a would be fortune teller who goes by ‘The Amazing Zorgarthi.’ We found him in the slums and paid him a few petty coins to tell us the tower girls had been living under the bridge in the Bad slums.

Hearing rumors of other missing around the city and Nidalease slavers about town we made that our second course of action. It was a hoax though and we put the perpetrator robber to the guards.

In the slums, the Tower Girls old ‘landlord’ Fenster the Blight gave us directions to the last known location of Natalia. The place was guarded by charmed men and sewer goblins who flung bags of filth at us… Upon finally reaching Natalia we found her quite mad with a lust for control over others. We coaxed her under the guise of being her subordinates to come back to the Pathfinder lodge but were set upon by a different Tower Girl named Terisha Skillion. We bested her and led the crazed Natalia back to Sheila.

Sheila somehow got Natalia to let go of her prized possession (it seemed to be a glass dagger of some sort) and put an Ion stone into it canceling out the crazed state Natalia had been in.

Natalia told us she found the relic inside a pillar known as The Crow and it was in fact a very powerful and rare Thassilon Artifact and just one piece of the Shattered Star.

And so our journey took us to the Crow.

-Pathfinder Conrad Benthil


Sheila thinks this is could be the start of a very promising adventure log and is prepared to give you fame and/or prestige for any well written adventure/exploration/research/bestiary/item reports. They should be addressed to the pathfinder society as each of you is an agent of the guild, they should be professional but personal style is also expected. On another similar note, she is very interested in The Crow an requests that you fully explore the complex and if anyone can provide her with a full map of The Crow’s inner chambers she will give them 1000gp, 1 fame, and 1 prestige. (any question can be directed towards the game master)

The Pathfinders Set Out

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